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Flavors of Jerusalem in Basel

The authentic ambience of the food stall is made up of Jerusalem style stone walls, imported art works and handicrafts, and the food is fresh, flavorful and healthy. Visitors can get a taste of middle eastern culture and hospitality as well as of our friendly and dedicated service.

Our food

Jerusalem is a unique place, a religious, cultural and ethnic melding pot with a unique climate and landscape. We bring to Basel the fruite of its rich history, a mix of MiddleEastern, African and European cuisines, bring to life the fascinating flavors of Jerusalem.

Smoked Aubergines with tahini

We grill our aubergines in a unique way, giving them a special smoky flavor, elevating vegetarian food to the next level. The aubergines are served with tahini, a sauce made from roasted sesame seeds, date syrup, a delicious natural product, roasted pine nuts and almonds, homemade Mujadara and fresh herbs and vegetables.

Marinated Grilled Lamb-Chops

We marinate top quality lamb meat in an intoxicating blend of spices and later grill them a-laminute for an incomparable middle-eastern experience for meat lovers. The overnight marination tenderizes the meat, making every bite juicy and perfect. Accompanied by grilled dates, homemade Mujadara, sesame sauce, fresh herbs and vegetables.


One of the most popular dishes in the Levant, made from bulgur and lentils, perfect as a light summer dish or as a comforting winter menu. The bulgur is cooked and steamed with a variety of spices and mixed with tender lentils to create a healthy and delicious dish, served with sesame sauce, fresh herbs and vegetables.


On of the best ways to enjoy exquisite Medjool dates, is to fill them with walnuts as a crunchy, perfectly bitter match. Halva is as well a unique sweet specialty made from sesame seeds and pistachios. Both sweets can be enjoyed any time of the day as an ideal healthy snack or dessert.

Homemade drinks

We make and serve two popular middle eastern drinks, our lemonade being the perfect thirst quencher, made from whole lemons, keeping in all the nutrition. Our black tea is made from high grade Cylon tea and is brewed slowly to perfection and topped with a bunch of fresh mint, making for a drink which is both soothing and refreshing.